Paris 2014 Part 3: Disneyland Paris

Day two was the most exciting day of the trip because it was my first trip to Disneyland!! We didn’t have tickets for the Walt Disney Studios Park, but I don’t think we would have had time anyway. We were allowed all day to roam the park, including access to all the rides, restaurants, gift shops, even Main Street.

The park is split into five main areas – Adventureland, Frontierland, Main Street USA, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Due to 45-60 minutes wait on most of the rides, we couldn’t go on everything, but we covered the biggest ones!

Rides covered:


  • Pirates of the Caribbean – log flume meets roller-coaster meets pirate scenes. You will get splashed!
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t go on the Indiana Jones ride because it was being refurbished


  • Big Thunder Mountain – very fun, very fast, very dark in the caves


  • Sleeping Beauty Castle – main entrance to Fantasyland
  • Due to renovations, we couldn’t go on the Peter Pan’s Flight ride
  • Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – you will get very lost!
  • It’s a Small World – a very cute, fun ride for all ages


  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – great fun to bring out the competitiveness in you and your friends
  • Space Mountain: Mission 2 – incredibly fast, dizzy ride that goes upside down (not that I noticed due to the dark and the fact that I couldn’t see very well while my head was donging between the headrest and the harness!)

I highly recommend Disneyland Paris to everyone because it was a thoroughly enjoyable day out and that, mixed with the fact that it’s Disney, made the experience even more amazing :)

 Part 1: Sightseeing

Part 2: Eiffel Tower and Boat Trip

Paris 2014 Part 2: Eiffel Tower and Boat Trip

Even though we only had two full days in Paris, we actually managed to see a lot of the city, as well as get through a lot of maths!

Day 1 cont.

  • Visit to Eiffel Tower
  • Evening boat trip along the River Seine


Paris 2014 Part 1: Sightseeing

Paris 2014 Part 1: Sightseeing

Last weekend, the maths department ran a trip to Paris for GCSE and A-Level students (hence why I didn’t post last week, but I’m making up for it with a four-parter on the Paris trip!). The trip was amazing, and I really would recommend Paris for a holiday, with or without maths!

Day 1

  • Visit to La Villette Science and Industry Park
  • Sightseeing including Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur Basilica, Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre

How To Make Your Own Lightsaber

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We received an interesting email that contain an infographic on how to make your own lightsaber. It’s cool enough that it’s worth sharing. Credit goes to element14. If anyone follows the below steps and successfully makes a lightsaber, send us a pic. We’ve got some free Star Wars ARCs we can send your way.

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