Favourite American TV Shows (Ended)

Over the years, I’ve witnessed the unbearable finales of some of my favourite American TV shows :(

Until making this list, I didn’t realise just how much TV I used to watch (I’ve toned it down a bit, seriously!) so I’ve had to omit animated shows such as The Powerpuff Girls and Mona the Vampire

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

Apart from replacing the mum*, I don’t think this show had any failed attempts at keeping the audience enraptured in the daily lives of people who couldn’t be more different. From Carlton’s dance to Jazz’s constant rejections while trying to woo Hilary, this show was a definite hit.

*the new actress was very good, but she just didn’t have the sass that the first mum brought to the role.

Frasier (1993-2004)

How Frasier always managed to get himself in such sticky situations I’ll never know, but it certainly was entertaining. Grouped with Niles’ obsessive-compulsive tendencies, Roz’s wit and Martin’s leisurely take on life and they hit a winning formula that deserved all the recognition it got.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (1994-2004)

An obvious choice, I know, but there’s a reason it features on many ‘top shows of the 90’s’ lists – it’s AMAZING! It was funny, dramatic, had some of the best and frequently quoted lines (We were on a break!) and never fails to entertain. Whatever your mood, there’s always a FRIENDS episode to match.

From my sister's FRIENDS poster

From my sister’s FRIENDS poster

3rd Rock from the Sun (1996-2001)

There was just something so oddly satisfying about watching a group of aliens trying to adjust to modern-day America.


Credit: Wikipedia

Charmed (1998-2006)

This was such a good programme that really improved with each new series. I’m glad they finally let Phoebe find a husband after years of failed relationships and a dodgy affair with a certain Source of all Evil.

Malcolm in the Middle (2000-2006)

This was the show that we always watched during tea time. The only problem was that I never actually realised they’d stopped making it because of the number of re-runs on Channel 5!

MitM credits logo.jpg

Credit: Wikipedia

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

I than the people behind 5* for the constant loop of Gilmore Girls episodes shown during the week (sadly, I can only watch them during school holidays, but I know what happens anyway!) because I only started watching this a few years ago, and managed to get through the whole first series with two weeks.

Gilmore girls title screen.jpg

Credit: Wikipedia

Scrubs (2001-2010)

The JD/Turk bromance, the over-emotional Elliot, the divorced-but-still-together Dr Cox/Jordan relationship…I miss Scrubs :( They changed it up a bit for series 9, but it would never be the same unless they brought back all the characters. However, I am very excited to hear that they’re making a musical to carry on where the show left off…

Smallville (2001-2011)

I fear I may be alone in wanting Jimmy to come back to life and get back together with Chloe…

Smallville 2001 logo.svg

Credit: Wikipedia

Everwood (2002-2006)

Before ‘Revenge’ and ‘Parks and Rec’, Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt were already famous to the thousands of fans who tuned in to watch Everwood each week. Highlights included Amy/Ephram’s on/off/sort of back on again/definitely off relationship and the Jake/Andy battle for Nina’s affections. Plus, Bright was hilarious.

Season 4 Title Card for 'Everwood'

Credit: Wikipedia

One Tree Hill (2003-2012)

Series 4 will always be my favourite, and I am really impressed with how the characters and storylines developed from introductions in series one to the closure and revelations in series 9. I think Naley (Nathan + Haley) played a part in keeping the show going for so long because fans weren’t ready to say goodbye to them.


Naley Credit: Wikipedia

Are there any American TV shows you miss?

Top 11 The Voice UK Blind Auditions

Following on from my top 5 blind auditions from The Voice Holland, the UK is next on the list! I think this was the hardest lot to comprise into a top 10 because there were so many I’ve seen that were amazing, hence it’s now a ‘top 11′ list. I haven’t included any from series 4 (the latest one, with Rita Ora replacing Kylie Minogue) because although there have been some good singers, none of them have wowed me like these past contenders did.

11. Bob Blakeley – Series 3 (Cry Me a River – Michael Buble)

10. Vince Freeman – Series 1 (Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon)

9. Liam Tamne – Series 2 (This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush)

8. Kenny Thompson – Series 3 (New York state of Mind – Billy Joel)

7. Chris Royal – Series 3 (Wake Me Up – Avicii)

6. Jaz Ellington – Series 1 (The A-Team – Ed Sheeran)

5. Jamie Bruce – Series 2 (Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Redding)

4. Leanne Jarvis – Series 2 (Stay With Me Baby – Lorraine Ellison)

3. David Faulkner – Series 1 (Superstition – Stevie Wonder)

2. Matt Henry – Series 2 (Trouble – Ray Lamontagne)

1. Ash Morgan – Series 2 (Never Tear Us Apart – INXS)

January Favourites

TV: Call the Midwife – Sundays 8pm BBC1

Series 4 of the hit show returned this month and it’s still one of the most exciting things on TV. I won’t give too much away since only a couple of episodes have aired so far, but I think Trixie and Tom make a perfect couple, and can’t wait to see how their storyline will develop now that wedding bells are in the air!

Music: Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Having spent 5 weeks at no.1 in the charts already, I think this has to be the song of the year so far. It’s just so addictive and every time you listen to it, your mood instantly improves by 100%. It’s the 2015 equivalent of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.

What’s been your favourite things about January?

Review: New Look Leopard Headphones

These were a surprise Christmas present from Santa, and were immediately tested while watching films and YouTube videos and listening to Spotify via my laptop.

New Look Headphones

Sound quality: 4/5

I’m not sure if it’s because of the furry outer or the quality of the headphones, but the sound was incredibly quiet, and the headphones did nothing to help muffle outside noise (they’re not labelled as noise-cancelling, but usually most headphones do something to block outside noise). Even with the YouTube video volume turned up to full, and my laptop volume on 8 (it’s usually on 2 or 4 when listening to Spotify/YouTube), I had a hard time hearing the sound. This testing was done in a noisy living room on Boxing Day though!

However, what was audible came out very clear, so the volume thing wasn’t too much of an issue, unless I was trying to watch something while other people were in the room (READ: I couldn’t hear my new LEGO Star Wars film over the sound of a football match on the TV :( )

UPDATE: Volume is a lot louder when listening to music while alone in the room

Style: 5/5

Without the cable

OK, I think it’s fair to say that these are probably geared more towards girls, and It’s no wonder they’re currently sold out since

  1. They’re furry
  2. They’re leopard print
  3. They have ears!!!!
  4. If necessary, they can have a dual purpose and act as ear muffs

So, they’re practical as well as functional!

Design: 3/5

They don’t fold up like my Coloud headphones, so they’re not as portable, but I can’t see them being used out of the house much anyway so that’s OK.

They are extendable so can be used by children and adults, which is always a plus. Also, they’re not as bulky as some other headphones, so they do well not to diminish small heads!

There’s one thing I can’t quite understand though: the 1m cable is detachable. Except for using them as emergency ear muffs or space-saving while packing them away, I don’t know when this would be necessary (any suggestions?). Also, the cable might be restrictive if using them to watch TV.

However, the standard 3.5mm headphone jack makes them compatible with most devices.

1m cable

Comfort: 3/5

As with the Coloud headphones, there is a break-in period of about 3-5 uses, during which they will hurt excessively after only 10 minutes. After this, they were comfortably worn for at least half an hour before any noticeable discomfort.

Price: £12.99, £6 in the sale (currently sold out on the New Look website)

Very good for the price, especially from a high street retailer who doesn’t specialise in technology.

Overall: 4/5

Would definitely recommend these headphones, especially if you’re on a budget and need good-quality sound transmission.


Disney Tag

This is a tag started by Mysterious Beauties that I couldn’t resist joining in with because, as I’m sure you all know, I love Disney!

#1) A scene from a movie you wish you could experience? I guess it would have to be the dance scene from Beauty and the Beast…gold dress included.

#2) What non Disney song/s remind you/bring back memories of Disney and/or the parks? For some reason, ‘Centuries’ by Fall Out Boy just reminds me of Disney. I can imagine it playing in the cinema over the trailer for a huge new Disney blockbuster.

#3) When was the first time you went to a Disney Park? Last April, as part of a school trip to Paris – I did a post on all the rides, including pictures from the park. I was so excited to finally go to Disneyland and I was not disappointed. It was worth the 17 year wait.

#4) If you could choose any Disney character to be your best friend, who would you choose? I suppose Timon and Pumba would always be a laugh. Mushu would have to be a contender, too.

#5) Who is your favourite Disney princess? Ooh, that’s a toughie…either Mulan or Princess Leia (Star Wars is owned by Disney now, after all!)

#6) Name a scene/moment in a Disney film that never fails to make you cry: The ending of Toy Story 3. Every time.

#7) What is the first Disney movie you can remember seeing? The Incredibles. I probably saw loads of others before I went to see The Incredibles in the cinema, but that’s the earliest one I remember.

#8) What is your favourite Disney movie? I can’t choose one film from the entirety of Disney releases, but my favourites would be Winnie-the-Pooh, Hercules, Frozen, Goofy Movie, Mulan, I’m just going to say 99% of all Disney films are my favourite!

#9) Who is your favourite Disney villain? Mother Gothel. Zeus is a good runner-up, but Mother Gothel has some serious villain songs (cue Mother Knows Best).

#10) What is your least favourite Disney movie? Pinocchio, it always seemed a bit creepy to me.

#11) What is your favourite Disney song? It’s a toss-up between ‘Man Out of You’ from Mulan and ‘I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)’ from Hercules.

#12) What Disney character/s has your personality or dream personality? I would love to be Pocahontas for a day, she’s feisty but kind and understanding.

#13) If you could change any scene in any Disney movie, what would it be and why? I think Disney know how to make the perfect film, so I wouldn’t really change anything.

#14) If you had to get stuck on any Disney ride in any Disney park for more than 30 minutes, what would it be and why? The Buzz Lightyear laser ride at Disneyland Paris. We did get stuck on it for about 20 minutes but it was great fun because it gave me a chance to boost my score while my friend wasn’t concentrating :)