GB robbed of silver medal in Men’s Team Gymnastics

All eyes were on team GB as the high scores flew in at the Men’s Team Gymnastics.

File:Louis Smith at the Olympic Victory Parade.JPG
By The Rambling Man and Kim Ratcliffe of Think Equestrian (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons
Louis Smith was on the pommel horse doing what he does best, Kristian Thomas had a phenomenal performance on the vault and a series of perfect dismounts from the vault and parallel bars were followed by his brilliant sequence on the floor. Daniel Purvis‘ spectacular routines on the parallel bars and the floor added to what was an extraordinary score for the British gymnast team.

The crowd was in shock as Sam Oldham failed to grip the high bar halfway through his routine, but he earned back the points with an amazing routine on the floor. Max Whitlock completed the line-up with his floor routine scoring 15.166, showing exactly why the GB gymnastics team deserved to win their first medal since 1912.

Cheers were heard from the audience as it was confirmed that GB had finished in second place, earning a silver medal for the boys. However, this excitement was not for long as the Japanese coaches demanded an inquiry into Kohei Uchimura’s score on the pommel horse, claiming that his fall needed to be scored as a dismount as he landed with both feet on the mat.

This sent the judges into a fury of video playbacks and hushed whispers of remarks, eventually upping Uchimura’s score enough to rob GB of their silver medal and push them into 3rd place, earning them a bronze medal place. Ukraine were pushed into fourth place after thinking they had earned bronze medals. China finished in first place, followed by Japan and GB.

This decision sent the audience into an uproar as booing erupted from all spectators in the arena.

Team GB were brilliant in all their events and this showed in their constantly high scores from all areas and athletes, fully deserving their bronze medals. It’s just a shame that they were robbed of their silver medals by an unnecessary remark.


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