I Want To Be An Astronaut (And So Does He!)

Discovering Infinity and Beyond

I came across this video today about Blair Mason, a teenager who dreams of becoming an astronaut.  Actually, I take that back; he’s not dreaming so much as making it happen.  And he’s creating a documentary about how he’s doing it.  You can find information on the project on Facebook, its website, or check out the trailer below.  Here is an inspired quote from its writer/director, David Ruck, about the film’s purpose:

“I am making this film to convince voters of why it is important that America have a vibrant and innovative space program. For several reasons: because it inspires people. Because it creates technologies that we cannot even dream of until we make the mistakes to create them. Because our economy depends on innovation. But mostly because we are humans and we are supposed to explore. We are supposed to ask questions and seek answers to…

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