The DVD curse

Many a time when watching a film on TV, mum will repeat her infamous words: “haven’t you got it on DVD?”

Yes, yes we have. But we’ve never opened it. You see, me and my sisters are plagued by the DVD curse. It haunts us every time we add a new film to the ever-growing stack of DVDs in our living room.

What is the curse?

  1. You watch a film on TV
  2. You fall in love with the film
  3. You watch it every time it’s on TV
  4. You buy the DVD
  5. You never watch the DVD
  6. You watch it every time it’s on TV
  7. Repeat.

This can’t be true for all films, surely?

No matter how brilliant the film is, once we have the plastic wrapped case, it stays wrapped in plastic. Yet we always make time for the many repeats on TV, even though we can watch it any time because we have it on DVD.

This is just a selection of films we have that have never been watched via DVD…

It’s not laziness or that we can’t be bothered to switch the DVD player on and insert the disc, we’re just never in the mood to sit through the whole film. Somehow the advert breaks on TV make the film seem more bearable.

Maybe we’re subconsciously pining for videos to be brought back, or maybe we just didn’t like the film as much as we thought we did. It will probably go on forever, though.

Does this happen to anyone else?



  1. I find myself doing this as well. I buy movies that I haven’t seen. For Some reason when you’re not thinking about watching a movie and one you like comes on television, you HAVE to watch it! Sometimes I like to just have it on to listen to so I can look up on the good parts. Good post!


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