Review: Coloud C34 Star Wars R2-D2 headphones

Headphones and box

These featured in my ‘April Favourites’ post, and I’ve used these headphones every day since Boxing Day, so it’s only fair that I review them for you.

Box front

Sound quality: 5/5

The sound quality on these is fantastic. I used them while revising for my music GCSE (a lot of classical music) and I could hear every different instrument playing, which was so much better than my previous headphones (JVC Gumy red earbuds). The sound quality was just as good when listening to a variety of pop and rock songs too.

They aren’t advertised as noise cancelling, but when wearing these, background noise does seem to be somewhat muted. The music sounds really clear, even when on the lowest volume.

Style: 4/5

How could any Star Wars fan resist these? They have the classic R2-D2 blue/white colouring, with ‘Star Wars’ written across the top of the band in big, blue letters. The actual headphones are quite small, so are easy to handle, but the length is adjustable, making them suitable for both adults and children.

side of headphones
They feature the iconic R2 Dome design

However, because they are mainly white they have a tendency to get very mucky, very quickly. Mine have now turned a pale shade of grey from excessive use, but this is only a minor fault which is irrelevant, yet inevitable.

Design: 5/5

They are based on Coloud’s C34 style headphones, rather than the C22 or Zi12 models which other Star Wars headphones in the range are based on.

These headphones are easily portable as they can be folded in on themselves to half the size, making them ideal for carrying around, especially to school and back.

They easily fold in on themselves to half their size

The 1.2m cable makes them very easy to handle while travelling, but may be too restricting for use while watching videos on a computer, watching TV etc.

Also featured on the cable is a little microphone/remote, allowing you to pause the song and take a phone call without interacting with your phone directly. However, as my phone does not have a standard headphone jack, I have not found this useful, but it may come in handy for others.

The cable features a microphone for use with mobile phones

Comfort: 3/5

When you first use these headphones they do hurt your ears a bit, but after a few weeks they cause little discomfort.

The padding around the outside means you could wear these headphones for up to an hour or so before they start to feel uncomfortable. They also make your ears very warm, but I suppose that happens with most on-ear headphones.

Price: 4/5

These were a Christmas present so I am not sure how much they were, but after looking around, Amazon have them for £38.

This is a very reasonable price as the quality is the same, if not better, than some higher priced headphones, for which I believe you are just paying for the brand rather than the actual quality of the headphones.

Overall: 4/5

These are excellent headphones, perfect for listening to all genres of music with no trouble, are easily portable, and the R2-D2 design is wonderful for all geeks out there.

All images: original photos of the R2-D2 headphones were taken on a FUJIFILM FinePix J30 camera.


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