Top 5 Song Parodies

You see it all the time-a song comes out, so someone takes the mick and brings out a parody to create laughs. But which ones are the best?

5. What Makes you Successful

This is a parody of One Direction’s What Makes you Beautiful and also includes a mickey take of the Justin/Selena split.

4. The Star Wars that I used to Know

The people behind Teddiefilms brought us a parody of Gotye’s Somebody that I used to Know in the form of a Star Wars inspired rant at how the franchise went downhill. Enjoy.

3. Screaming Goat

Ok, not really a parody, but it’s still funny.

2. Droidfriend

Teddiefilms again, this time with a parody of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend.

1. Eton Style

I still laugh at this take on Psy’s Gangnam Style, I think mainly because after you’ve seen it, you think, “What did I just watch???”



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