10 things You Shouldn’t Say To Film Fans

Before the cinema…

1. The reviews for that are rubbish, why not see … ? Have you actually seen the film? If not, please let me make my own decision before claiming others’ opinions as your own

2. That’s a childish film, why not see a horror film like most people your age? Because I don’t like horror films, and I’d much rather watch a Disney film, where 99% of the audience are actually teenagers/young adults, over a scary film any day

3. Why not just wait for the DVD, cinema tickets are so overpriced! I’d rather spend £7 on a ticket for a film I’d know not to buy than waste £15 on a DVD I’d never watch again.

During the film…

Cinema... by m4tik, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  m4tik 

4. Just start the film already! Shush, the 30 minutes of trailers are all part of the cinema experience!

5. Ooh, this part’s good! I understand that you’re still excited from the first time you saw the film, but please try to restrain yourself when you’re thinking of revealing the most important plot twist to the whole audience

6. Have you got any popcorn left? I told you not to eat it all during the trailers!


7. Ok, credits are rolling, let’s go! What?! I need to stay and watch the credits to avoid another ‘Avengers’ mistake and leave before the end videos.

8. Which wouldn’t have happened if you’d let me tell you what the reviews said!

9. So, was it as bad as I said it was going to be? See 1.

10. Was it good? The answer to this can never be simply “yes” or “no”. It has to involve a dissection of every scene before thinking of the film as a whole just to get an idea of how to describe its awesomeness (or not) in just a few words.



  1. I can so relate to this, I’m always that first person in there. Never want to miss the ads. Hey, I might win some prizes since in the UK there’s always this little quiz before the film in the ads. Free supply of large popcorn! 🙂

    Trust me, I have had many people tell me the whole plot in such detail they might as well tell me about it in the lobby and save me the £13 + sweets, ect. Better, they should hire him and save on production costs! :p

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    • The Cineme app! That became very popular very quickly, it’s quite fun to play along.

      I do think cinemas have become overpriced, it used to cost £5 for a student ticket, it now costs £7.50! At one point, I could have sworn it was cheaper to buy an adult ticket


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