October Favourites 2014

TV: The Apprentice

This year is the show’s 10th series, so they’ve switched up the format and brought in 10 men and 10 women to battle for the prize of being Lord Sugar’s new business partner. So far, we’ve had triple-firings, coach trips and bright yellow candles. Who knows what shenanigans we’ll be witnessing next?

Wednesday 9pm, BBC1

Music: Fall Out Boy – Centuries

I haven’t listened to many Fall Out Boy songs, but this one is so epic that I might end up on a mass shopping spree to hunt down more of their music. The video’s not bad, either…

Tech: YouTube

I know YouTube has been available since 2005, but it was over half term that I really started to appreciate its no-limit policy, because I watched an insane number of talent show auditions; BGT, AGT, The Voice UK, The Voice USA, most European adaptations of The Voice, X Factor, I watched them all. And I liked it. So much so that I must prepare you for an upcoming video-heavy post about my favourite versions of The Voice from around the world, but I will save it for after Christmas (yes, I did just say Christmas) to allow you to recover after my last few posts.

Featured image: By Wolf Lambert (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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