Top 10 Films of 2014

Films that are probably brilliant but I haven’t actually seen them yet: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Fault in our Stars, 22 Jump Street, Guardians of the Galaxy

NB. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies originally entered at number 3, but I had to remove it upon cinema viewing, because I was not happy after the cinematic highs of An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug.

And my top 10 for 2014:

10. Maleficent

I don’t think there’s a role that Angeline Jolie can’t do, so on that basis, this was correctly assumed to be incredible.

 9. Paddington

Very funny. In fact, so funny that it’s been criticised as not suitable for young children due to some suggestive lines. Still, it’s adorable.

8. Penguins of Madagascar

They were cunning in the Madagascar films, they were brilliant in this, can’t really do better than that.

For more info, see my top film releases in Nov/Dec post.

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel

I would describe this as a weird sort of humour. Some bits are funny because of the script, others because of the props used, and some bits are funny because of the way that danger is inflicted on the characters, similarly to the 2007 film Hot Fuzz (which meant that I could happily sit through it without being scared witless).

6. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Not much to say here, I think the fact that it’s part of the saga means it automatically gets a place in the top 10.

5. Divergent

I haven’t read the book, I hadn’t even heard of the book series or the film until it was shown during this year’s choir trip. It had a very Hunger Games-esque feel to it, I loved it.

4. How to Train Your Dragon 2

SPOILER: I don’t think Stoick is gone forever, he did say that fire couldn’t keep him down…

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Chris Evans can’t really go wrong, so we knew this was going to be good amazing.

Captain America Winter Soldier

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

I loved how it undid everything I didn’t like about The Last Stand. E.g. Jean and Cyclops are now un-dead and back together, yay! Rogue didn’t take the cure, yay!

1. The LEGO Movie

Everything is still awesome!

LEGO Movie

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