Top 5 The Voice of Holland Blind Auditions

The Voice UK is back tonight on BBC1!

It’s an understatement to say that I’m obsessed with The Voice blind auditions. I love too many regional variations on the original ‘The Voice of Holland’ to put into a ‘top 10’ style blog post, therefore I’ll be spinning it into a series of posts on my favourite auditions. This should be easier than trying to cram 90% of Europe and the USA and Australia into an ordered list.

So, I’ll kick off with the show that started them all, The Voice of Holland!

5. Jarno Ibarra – Don’t You Worry Child (series 4 – eliminated in the live shows)

4. Mitchell Brunings – Redemption Song (series 4 – runner-up)

3. David Dam – Let’s Get it On (series 5 – eliminated in semi-finals)

2. Charly Luske – It’s a Man’s World (series 2 – runner-up)

1. Julia Van Der Toorn – Oops…I Did it Again/Empire State of Mind (series 4 – winner)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above videos, nor did I create any of them. All rights go to their respective owners.


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