Review: New Look Leopard Headphones

These were a surprise Christmas present from Santa, and were immediately tested while watching films and YouTube videos and listening to Spotify via my laptop.

New Look Headphones

Sound quality: 4/5

I’m not sure if it’s because of the furry outer or the quality of the headphones, but the sound was incredibly quiet, and the headphones did nothing to help muffle outside noise (they’re not labelled as noise-cancelling, but usually most headphones do something to block outside noise). Even with the YouTube video volume turned up to full, and my laptop volume on 8 (it’s usually on 2 or 4 when listening to Spotify/YouTube), I had a hard time hearing the sound. This testing was done in a noisy living room on Boxing Day though!

However, what was audible came out very clear, so the volume thing wasn’t too much of an issue, unless I was trying to watch something while other people were in the room (READ: I couldn’t hear my new LEGO Star Wars film over the sound of a football match on the TV 😦 )

UPDATE: Volume is a lot louder when listening to music while alone in the room

Style: 5/5

Without the cable

OK, I think it’s fair to say that these are probably geared more towards girls, and It’s no wonder they’re currently sold out since

  1. They’re furry
  2. They’re leopard print
  3. They have ears!!!!
  4. If necessary, they can have a dual purpose and act as ear muffs

So, they’re practical as well as functional!

Design: 3/5

They don’t fold up like my Coloud headphones, so they’re not as portable, but I can’t see them being used out of the house much anyway so that’s OK.

They are extendable so can be used by children and adults, which is always a plus. Also, they’re not as bulky as some other headphones, so they do well not to diminish small heads!

There’s one thing I can’t quite understand though: the 1m cable is detachable. Except for using them as emergency ear muffs or space-saving while packing them away, I don’t know when this would be necessary (any suggestions?). Also, the cable might be restrictive if using them to watch TV.

However, the standard 3.5mm headphone jack makes them compatible with most devices.

1m cable

Comfort: 3/5

As with the Coloud headphones, there is a break-in period of about 3-5 uses, during which they will hurt excessively after only 10 minutes. After this, they were comfortably worn for at least half an hour before any noticeable discomfort.

Price: £12.99, £6 in the sale (currently sold out on the New Look website)

Very good for the price, especially from a high street retailer who doesn’t specialise in technology.

Overall: 4/5

Would definitely recommend these headphones, especially if you’re on a budget and need good-quality sound transmission.


All images: Original photos taken on a Nokia Lumia 520


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