May Favourites 2015

Many apologies for not posting since the Switzerland memories, I’ve been very busy with revision and A-Levels so I’ll move straight on to what’s piqued my interest this month…

Film: Mansfield Park (1999)/Northanger Abbey (2007)/Persuasion (2007)

No copyright infringement intended, all rights go to their respective owners. This picture is official cover art for the film.
Northanger-Abbey-2007-british-period-fil by norika21, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  norika21 
Persuasion-2007-british-period-films-162 by norika21, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  norika21 

As you can probably tell from my list of films I’ve watched this year, I had a bit of a period drama marathon and couldn’t stop myself from hitting the replay button. I’ve managed to curb my addiction for now though, so I can focus on exams.

Music: Nick Jonas – Chains

I discovered the Jonas Brothers way back in 2007 and of all the brothers, Nick has always been my favourite. I must say, his new solo career has certainly produced some very catchy tunes.

TV: TV talent shows

I know, I’ve succumbed to the excitement of TV talent competitions! I only ever watch the auditions, mainly through YouTube, and it’s not just this years entries. I’ve indulged in the likes of Attraction (BGT), Rachel Potter (X Factor USA), Willie Jones (X Factor USA), Richard and Adam (BGT), Jamie Raven (BGT), Shiane Hawke (X Factor Australia)…and many more.

Speaking of TV talent shows… this month featured only the biggest singing competition in the world… EUROVISION!!

It’s a tradition in our house to watch it from start to finish every year, and it never fails to impress. From the questionable costumes to the, erm, interesting dancers, and not forgetting Graham Norton’s hilarious is-he-allowed-to-say-that voiceover banter.

Well done Sweden!



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