Review: Photobox online printing service

Photobox is an online service where you can upload photos to an album and choose which ones to use and how you want to use them. I’m creating a photo album so I opted for the classic 6×4 inch prints with a gloss finish, but you can create phone cases, images on canvas, mugs, photo books, posters, cushions, square prints, notebooks and just about anything else you can think of!

Since I’ve now finished Sixth Form and (hopefully!) will be off to university in September, I wanted to create a photo album of pictures from my school days to remind me of my friends and our moments together, especially as we’re all going to different places and won’t be able to see each other every day.

I spent hours looking online for the perfect photo album which would hold both horizontal and vertical pictures and eventually found a beautiful one on Amazon costing £14.22 from a brand called ARPAN . The album holds 500 6×4 inch photos and includes a personal information page, an index page and a CD/DVD slot on the back cover for any discs used to store images/videos etc.

There was just one thing missing…the photos. Sure, I have hundreds of images stored on my phone and laptop, but they’re all separated into different folders and I’d have to flick through every picture to find the ones I wanted to look at. Plus, looking at images on a screen just doesn’t feel as sentimental as flicking through a photo album.

Having wasted £3.97 on 160 prints from Aldi Photos, which still haven’t been delivered after 3 weeks, I decided that I may just have to pay a little more to use a trusted service with an 8/10 rating from reviews on TrustPilot. Enter Photobox.

Photobox Website

Review: 6×4 inch classic prints with a gloss finish

Ease of use: 5/5

Sign Up FormYou don’t need to have a Photobox account to use the service, but it’s completely free to set up an account and you get 20 free standard prints if you sign up. Also, you can re-order past creations without having to upload all the photos again as all the pictures will be saved to an album associated with your account.

Whether you sign up or not you can start uploading your photos right away, and they have a few different options so you can choose where to upload from.

Upload Locations

Then you select the photos you want to use, and the product you want to create with them.

Create a Product ScreenCropping Screen

If you click ‘check my prints’ you can preview all the selected products and select which parts of the picture are to be cropped. There’s even a ‘shrink to fit’ option which resizes the image so that it can fit within the chosen size, but you will end up with some white edges around the photo (example below).

Picture quality: 4.5/5

The pictures are identical to what I can see when I look at them on my phone and the few blurry images are photos that started off as blurry before printing, but I’m not fussed because I can still make out the image and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The only downside to the quality would be that in the photos of the plane ride to Switzerland, the sky appeared a bit darker in the photo than on-screen, but that may be partly due to the bright illumination of my laptop screen.

The following pictures show the quality and finish of the print on the left compared to the original image on the right: (image was cropped slightly but no other editing was used)

The following photo of Geneva’s Broken Chair illustrates the ‘shrink to fit’ feature

Showing the white edges of the 'shrink to fit' feature available.
Showing the white edges of the ‘shrink to fit’ feature available.

Price: 1/5

The following table from their website shows the item and delivery prices of each size of standard print available.

Price Table

The more you order, the cheaper the individual cost…but they get their money back by increasing the price of delivery. 12p per print makes Photobox one of the most expensive printing services, which may lead you to look elsewhere if you need photos printed often.

Delivery: 5/5

I ordered the prints at 18:43 on 8th July, received an email to say they’d been dispatched on 9th July and they arrived on 11th July. Very happy with the speed of delivery and the packaging used to protect the prints during transit.

The prints were split into 3 white cardboard envelopes which can also be used to house the photos long-term should they not have an album or frame to live in. These white envelopes were then packaged in a brown cardboard sleeve and lots of parcel tape.

Also included was a calibration image and a thumbnail list of all the photos ordered.

Overall: 4/5

Very impressed with the site navigation, picture quality and delivery times, but the prices are a bit steep for my liking.

Disclaimer: I bought the photos with my own money, I am not being paid by Photobox to write this review or to use their service.

Have you ever used Photobox? Can anyone recommend a cheaper printing service of similar or better quality?


  1. Hi I have used photo box and found them very good. They also do lovely photo books. Once you have used them you will find they are always sending you cheap deals.
    Snapfish is also a good service and offers exactly the same service.
    I love the sound of your memory book it will be lovely to look back on in the future. I wish you well at University what subject are you taking. 🙂 xx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much! I’m studying robotics at uni, I’m very excited!
      Funny you mention the cheap deals, soon after reading your comment they sent me a voucher for 20% off my next order!
      I’ve heard lots of positive things about Snapfish, I might check them out in future.


      • Woo robotics that should be amazing , our eldest son did robotics at Brighton . I hope to read about your uni days. Yes Snapfish is good they do the bombarding of offers too. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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