Review: Aldi Online Photo Service

Yes, the Aldi photos have finally arrived! I’m a bit less than impressed, but I won’t give too much away too soon, let’s just say I’m extremely glad that I already have duplicate prints from Photobox

I used the online version and so can only review that method, but there is also the option to download software instead of using the website.


Review: 6×4 inch prints with a gloss finish

Ease of use: 5/5

The website makes it very easy to upload photos, crop them and choose picture size and finish. There is also a traffic light system, similar to Photobox, which advises you on the quality of the photo and lets you know if the picture will be blurry when printed (low quality).

Picture quality: 1/5

This is where I got a bit confused. I ordered 4×6 inch photos, as stated on the invoice that came with the delivery, and somehow ended up with 6 different sizes of print, none of which are 4×6??

It’s a shame about the sizing because the actual pictures aren’t too bad. The colours are mostly alright but there’s a few where the people look washed out and a bit ill.

Price: 5/5

5p per photo was what originally drew me to Aldi Photos, with the total cost for 99 pictures and shipping coming in at £3.19 (including 75 free prints for joining).

But for just 7p more per photo, I’d prefer to use a more reliable service such as Photobox.

Delivery: 1/5

I created the order on 30th June, the order was shipped on 1st July, and has only just arrived on 30th July despite a 4-7 working days guideline. Better late than never, I suppose!

The photos came in 2 white paper envelopes, packaged in a larger cardboard envelope.

I couldn’t recommend them unless you were really on a tight budget and didn’t mind the varying sizes.

Disclaimer: I bought the photos with my own money, I am not being paid by Aldi to write this review or to use their service.

Have you ever used Aldi Photos?


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