Profile PicHi, I’m Amelia Blow. Student, film fan, aspiring astronaut, writer…ooh, and a blogger!

‘Graphics are Overrated’ is a place where you’ll find film reviews and news (although I can’t promise that it’ll always be recent news), TV highlights, LEGO obsessions and the occasional technology-related post.



Any questions or comments? Please get in touch:

Email graphics.blog@outlook.com

Tweet @AmeliaBlow or follow me on twitter to get film/TV updates in fewer than 140 characters

Use the blog’s contact page form

…or comment on any blog post or page, I’d love to hear from you!



  1. Cool blog, nice to still enjoy LEGO, gone down since it was created. I can never seem to find the good old set where they give your 10,00 peices of LEGO. 😦


    • Thanks for stopping by! I don’t think I can remember the old LEGO sets, but I think the Star Wars sets are alright, not sure about some of the others though. Guess I shall have to investigate!


  2. I’ve just read a few of your posts and can’t wait for your future posts to be published now! This blog is great, well done!


  3. Hi I just wanted to say thanks for liking my Easter post it is good to know you liked it… I know I don’t say thanks to every like but that one was good to know as I never know weather to do that type of post or not !!… sorry rambling again!! 😉


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